The Unwisdom of Clouds (New Podcast Episode)

by Matt B. on June 2, 2015

OCD is built on illusions, so you’d think it would get easier to recognize them over time. Sometimes, however, the opposite occurs – as I get more and more battle-fatigued, the clouds become denser.

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Sofia September 21, 2015 at 2:00 am

I totally recognize myself in all of what you’re talking about. When ocd is at it’s worst I usually get up to 30 sec-1 minute in the morning just after waking up where I’m totally ocd-free. Those seconds/minute feels like heaven, then it all starts. I usually have to take one or two naps during the day, if posible just to get away from myself for a while and to let the brain rest . Evenings are usually the best time for me, at that time I can usually relax knowing that I soon will be able to go to bed.
I do think life is great even living with ocd, offcourse I would love for it to miracly disappear but after fighting it for so many years I know it probably won’t.
I will always try not to let ocd stop me from doing things I want to do. I try not to get disappointed when it does.

Matt September 27, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Yeah, I can relate, Sofia. I used to spend a lot of time upset about all the time that I was ‘wasting’ on OCD, or that it was ‘stealing’ from me. More recently, it’s felt helpful to just acknowledge it as another thing that happens – something I do my best to deal with, but which is sometimes bigger or wilier or more powerful than I am. I suppose I don’t think that struggling with this is any less worthy than anything else.

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